Would you like to set up vegetable gardens in your facility?

Cueillette Urbaine proposes to create vegetable gardens in your establishment (roofs, interior courtyards, terraces). We offer an accompaniment for the conception, installation but also for the maintenance and animation of the site to make you benefit from a unique experience.

The employees become consum’actors, maintain the vegetable garden during their free time and harvest the produce that they will be able to enjoy.

In addition, setting up a participatory vegetable garden with Cueillette Urbaine helps to reduce heat islands, fight flooding and reduce one’s carbon footprint!

Cueillette Urbaine is committed to:

Animate the community by providing crop management tips, harvest alerts, etc.
Ensure a regular follow-up via a monthly visit from a member of Cueillette Urbaine.
Be available for effective maintenance in case of problems.
Provide indicators on the improvement of your CSR balance sheet (avoided CO2 emissions, water retention, etc.).

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White paper on corporate gardening

Want to know more about setting up a vegetable garden for your business? Here are the keys to making it happen and answering your questions:

Access the white paper

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