How to make a success of an improbable marriage?

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How can the unlikely marriage between agriculture and urban development be achieved?

One thing is clear: the real challenge of our civilization is not the public debt that we will leave to the next generations but the “ecological” debt. This ecological issue has resulted in the development of new ways of living in our society.

3 trends emerge:

Firstly, at the level of companies, with an important societal stake that leads to the creation of services dedicated to the improvement of the environment, to the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We can also observe a growing awareness on the part of citizens who realize that agroecology is probably one of the key factors for a “better life” together. As a result, we are seeing the development of a more local consumer market based on the participatory economy (and especially consumption): the “Do It Yourself” (DIY) market where the customer becomes the actor of their own consumption.

In France, more than 77% of the population now lives in cities. This trend continues to progress and agroecology will have to take into consideration this urbanization factor. How can we allow “city dwellers” to consume quality fruits and vegetables, from a responsible production, and at an affordable price? The answer is right there … by bringing crops to the city! Sure, but then: How to succeed in this unlikely marriage between agriculture and urban development?

A young company, Cueillette Urbaine, has succeeded in reconciling agriculture and urban development through the triptych: CSR commitment, agroecology and the desire for DIY. Thanks to innovations in usage, ecology and techniques, it is able to reconcile the expectations of companies or communities and city dwellers.

With a solid experience in agronomy and urban space management, the creators of Cueillette Urbaine have developed a concept allowing to associate cultures with a locavore food industry. With Cueillette Urbaine the employees of the companies meet on a common project of management of participative vegetable garden. Cueillette Urbaine, in coordination with the company’s management, proposes events and workshops around the vegetable gardens installed in the company’s premises.

Innovation is based on 3 pillars:

Cultivation techniques developed to best meet the specificities of urban agriculture. A self-sufficient planter (Forest Bed) and a green wall dedicated to the cultivation of aromatic and medicinal plants (Aromur) allow for a local and responsible culture in an urban environment.

A collaborative vegetable garden concept designed to produce large quantities (more than 6 kg/m² per harvest) with a minimum of maintenance, thus creating a social link. A production of rare varieties that will supply a restaurant space.

A responsible production made to be consumed, either by a simple picking or after transformation on the spot in an open space allowing to create an exchange between the chef and the consum’actors!

Cueillette Urbaine offers companies original living spaces where everyone can meet to share, exchange, recharge their batteries, while reconnecting with nature and its benefits.