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"Your vegetables straight from upstairs!"

Urban Farming

Imagine greener and more sustainable cities, where fruits and vegetables would be produced locally without any associated pollution… This is the challenge that Cueillette Urbaine has set itself!

Our cities are becoming increasingly dense. They are nibbling away at agricultural land. We need to find new surfaces to cultivate, but without having to touch our natural spaces! Agriculture must reclaim the city.

Urban Farming is the solution for a local, productive and environmentally friendly consumption model. It allows the production of healthy, nutritious and flavorful food.

White paper on corporate gardening

Want to know more about setting up a vegetable garden for your business? Here are the keys to making it happen and answering your questions:

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potager participatif

Our cultivation techniques

Potager la Ruche

Forest BED

Self-sufficient growing tray allowing an optimal development of the plants while being inspired by nature.


Aquaponics is a symbiosis between aquaculture and agriculture for a high yield production, 100% natural.

Tower garden

Tower Garden

Aeroponics is a method of vertical, above ground cultivation derived from hydroponics.
serre de culture

Bioclimatic greenhouse

The installation and development of a greenhouse allows for a better spread of production while increasing the annual yield.

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About Cueillette Urbaine

Cueillette Urbaine is a company that works for the development of agriculture and its benefits in urban areas. Our goal is to design, install and operate market garden production spaces on roofs, terraces, courtyards…

Our main activity is the operation of productive and ecological urban farms in the city.

We also develop services on the themes of social bonding and team building, through participative vegetable gardens, team-building workshops around seasonal cooking and permaculture gardening.